B&C broadens high frequency driver range

B&C Speakers has recently officially released the updated range of 75mm (3") voice coil high frequency drivers. These drivers feature a robust titanium diaphragm that incorporates next generation surround geometry, together with a brand new, optimized phase plug. Significant research has yielded a new coil former that solidifies the diaphragm with negligible increase in mass. The result is improved high frequency linearity and reduced distortion. The 1.4” exit DE90TN (ferrite), DE880TN and DE980TN (both neodymium) represent an excellent solution for two way point source enclosures, as well as for mounting a waveguide horn in multi-driver line array systems. Also available is the 2” exit DE985TN (neodymium).

Also new are the DE14 and DE14TN, the next evolution of the industry standard DE12, 1"exit ferrite magnet high frequency driver. This 44mm (1.7”) diaphragm driver now features an optimized phase plug and rear cap that improve frequency response with lower distortion. Finally, the new DE254TN, 44mm (1.7”) voice coil, titanium diaphragm high frequency driver offers an excellent value in a 1.4" exit driver.

All new high frequency driver models are now in production.