DCX354 - Our loudest, widest-bandwidth compression driver yet

Modern speaker arrays demand closer source spacing, higher output, and lighter weight. To meet this continuing challenge, B&C Speakers introduces the DCX354 coaxial ring radiator. A more compact sibling of the our groundbreaking DCX464, with few compromises. 

The DCX354’s midrange diaphragm covers 400Hz – 6kHz with 112.7 dB sensitivity. Extended low-frequency bandwidth is thanks to a patent-pending diaphragm shape which progressively decouples the outer diameter as frequency rises. The 76mm (3 inch) midrange voice coil handles 180 watts, while the 51mm (2 inch) voice coil high frequency diaphragm covers 5 – 20kHz with 111.6 dB sensitivity and handles 100 watts. A redesigned, patented midrange integrator allows both diaphragms to work in harmony over a wide bandwidth, for greater combined output and crossover flexibility. All this energy arrives at a 1.4” throat, from the most compact package that can be designed today.Detail of DCX354 from B&C Speakers

In order to offer more than just a smaller version of an existing product, we wrote new mathematic modeling techniques from scratch - pioneering a method to evaluate dozens of potential diaphragm shapes in a day. Field experience and customer testing led to dozens of improvements and redesigns. Testing in unusual use cases and with compound loading led to a more compact product with nearly the same output and durability as the original. Experience un-fatiguing sound at levels you didn’t think possible with the DCX354 coaxial ring radiator.

Also available: the ME464 80x60 degree point-source horn loading to 300Hz, the ME148 line-array waveguide for use to 500Hz, and the FB354 passive crossover.

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