B&C Speakers Release 2023 Catalog


We are elated to present our 2023 Loudspeaker Catalog, the result of three years of intensive development and customer collaboration.
There is something new for everyone: We have expanded our line with new ceramic alternatives to popular mid bass, woofer, and subwoofer products.
New larger voice coils in the lightweight CL series promise to make those woofers a serious contender for even very high performance applications. Our first 10” subwoofer (the 10BG76) is here thanks to a completely redesigned basket and extra large spider - or choose maximum power handling in a small frame woofer with the 10NDL88. Finally we’ve reinvented an entire category with the introduction of the industry’s first 18” tri-axial, a capable subwoofer with our DCX464 coaxial mounted to the rear and an extensively auditioned, FEA optimized, 400Hz horn to provide adequate loading and pattern control. The cherry on top of it all is the DCX354, a new compact version of what we think is the highest output, most durable, best sounding compression driver available.


Download it here