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    1 inches


    The DE502 replaces the well established DE500. The full titanium diaphragm used in the DE502 has been updated with new geometry to significantly lower distortion, while improving the stability and reliability of the driver. Most other specifications and the sonic signature are quite similar to the DE500.


    100 W continuous program power capacity
    1' horn throat diameter
    44 mm (1.7 in) aluminium voice coil
    Titanium diaphragm
    1000 - 18000 Hz response
    107 dB sensitivity
    Optimized Neodymium magnet assembly
    Shorting copper cap for extended HF response


    Throat Diameter

    25 mm (1 in)

    Nominal Impedance

    8 Ω

    Minimum Impedance

    7.3 Ω

    Nominal Power Handling

    50 W

    Continuous Power Handling

    100 W


    107 dB

    Frequency Range

    1 kHz - 18 kHz

    Recommended Crossover

    1.5 kHz

    Voice Coil Diameter

    44 mm (1.7 in)

    Winding Material



    0.12 mH

    Diaphragm Material


    Flux Density

    1.9 T

    Max Frequency Range

    18 kHz

    Min Frequency Range

    1 kHz

    Mounting and Shipping Info

    Other details

    3x M6 Mounting Studs with bolts and washers included

    Overall Diameter

    102 mm (4 in)


    51 mm (2 in)

    Net Weight

    1.4 kg (3.1 lb)

    Shipping Units

    1 pcs

    Shipping Weight

    1.43 kg (3.14 lb)

    Shipping Box

    105x105x65 mm (4.13x4.13x2.56 in)