Suggested Designs

A variety of new models have been added to our Suggested Design area. All new designs utilize the latest B&C components, and include extensive details about measurements, renderings, 2D&3D drawings, crossover designs (where applicable) and processing suggestions. 

Recent additions include a 4" coax box using the 4CXN36, a 14" coax box using the 14CXN88, and a 21" horn subwoofer. 

Other recent designs include a 12" band pass subwoofer, using the 12BG76 woofer, a output 2x 18" band pass subwoofer using a pair of 18DS115-8 woofers, and 12"/1.4" utility box that uses a 12NDL88-8 woofer, DE780TN-8 HF driver and ME90 80°x60° horn. 

In addition to the designs, we now stock passive crossovers for many of our suggested designs. Watch for more designs, as we introduce new models!