The new FB464 Crossover


Completing the most accurate point source solution available, B&C Speakers is thrilled to announce the FB464 passive crossover for our DCX464 coaxial compression driver. Specifically designed for use in conjunction with the ME464 300Hz horn released in late 2020, users of all types can now have flat high-fidelity response out of the box using 100% OEM components. The FB464 crossover phase aligns the mid and high frequency elements of the DCX464, and implements an asymmetrical slope crossover at 3.6kHz without reducing efficiency. This crossover frequency best balances energy between the two diaphragms for minimum distortion at all output levels. Series protection is additionally provided by industrial filament bulbs which prevent over power or inconsistent tonal balance at very high output. 


The FB464 is available in both 8Ω and 16Ω versions to match the impedance of your DCX464 driver. Find specifications, drawings, and measurements on our website’s new dedicated Crossovers section