Frequently Asked Questions

Where are B&C components manufactured?
What is the warranty on B&C components?
The B&C woofer or high frequency driver in my speaker cabinet is not working. Who should I contact?
Is it possible for me to fix my own B&C components?
Where can I find parts to repair B&C components?
Which speaker cabinet manufacturers does B&C make products for?
Does B&C adhere to any international quality standards?
Does B&C offer design assistance for speaker cabinets?
How does B&C test products before shipment?
How does B&C calculate their power ratings?
How does B&C calculate the Xmax (excursion) specification, and what is Xvar?
What is the EBP value?
What is the issue with DC Offset?
What type of weather protection do B&C speaker components have?
Does B&C provide MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheets), RoHS and/or REACH documents for their products?
What can I do if I think that my B&C product is of questionable origin?
How should B&C products be stored?