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    2 inches


    While shrink-ray technology may not have escaped the 1990s, we have succeeded in creating two more highly compact drivers, not only permitting close spacing but also reducing weight and cost at the same time. In a larger, 3” coil we now offer the DE785: Designed with a sonic character like our famous DE950TN, but in a 112mm diameter package weighing only 4 lb (1.8kg). Continuous power handling of 220W combined with 107.5dB sensitivity primes this driver for consideration in a new generation of lighter, more compact line array loudspeakers.



    Diámetro de la garganta

    50 mm (2 in)

    Impedancia nominal

    8 Ω

    Impedancia minima

    8.3 Ω

    Manejo de potencia nominal

    110 W

    Manejo de potencia continua

    220 W


    107.5 dB

    Rango de frecuencia

    0.5 - 18 kHz

    Cruce recomendado

    1 kHz

    Diámetro de la bobina

    75 mm (3 in)

    Material de la bobina



    0.17 mH

    Material del diafragma


    Material del imán

    Anillo de Neodimio

    Densidad de flujo

    1.95 T

    Información de montaje y envío

    Other details

    4x M5 Mounting Studs with bolts and washers included

    Diámetro total

    112 mm (4.41 in)


    77 mm (3.03 in)

    Peso neto

    1.75 kg (3.86 lb)

    Unidades del envío

    1 pcs

    Peso del envío

    1.82 kg (4.01 lb)

    Caja de envío

    135x135x93 mm (5.31x5.31x3.66 in)

    Service Kit

    hf Replacement Diaphragm